Friends of Papago Park

About Friends of Papago Park

Who We Are

Friends of Papago Park is comprised of various trail user groups concerned about the health, well-being and access of the Greater Papago Park, located in the Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona. After seeing devestation and destruction caused by the City of Tempe, and the City of Phoenix, careless park patrons as well as land developers, we formed this group to help combat the assault on this public treasure. Together we're advocating for preservation and protection of greater Papago Park's natural resources.

Why We Exist

Papago Park is a very unique park. The park boasts scenic desert trails in the 5th largest city in the US. Whether you hike, bike, run, picnic or simply enjoy the outdoors, Papago is an easily accessible, escape from hectic urban life. However, the park has recently come under attack on multiple fronts:

1: Tempe section - (North of the 202 and south of McKellips) has been inundated with trash from Transient activities including habitation, and drug use. In addition, there are multiple permanent campsites with trash scattered throughout this amazing park, and you won't typically have to venture very far to see plastic, clothes, used hypodermic syringes, bikes, glass, electronics, and much more strewn across the park like a landfill.

2: Phoenix section - On the Northern end of this beautiful park, the City of Phoenix paved the north-western trails (West of Galvin Parkway around golf course and buttes). The city never sought public input nor did they post any notices to the public; they simply paved over existing nature trails. The City of Phoenix also proceeded to expand the golf course into an area marked as “protected desert zone” and paved an access road from McDowell into the golf course. Finally, the City of Phoenix has now subleased land to a private, for profit, baseball training facility. This training facility has expanded beyond its original permitted borders, into more open desert. We are seeing less and less available desert as the City of Phoenix continues their questionable land grab.
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