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A lawsuit against the City of Phoenix and the City of Scottsdale has been filed with regard the numerous violations taking place in Papago Park. We have tried for over a year to avoid this, but the two cities have been ignoring our requests for them to review the legal challenges that they may face. We are tired of seeing a public park being destroyed. We are tired of the City not listening to its residents. Please note that we have exhausted all other avenues and means to bring put an end to these illegal activities and this route is our last resort.

This lawsuit will potentially consume hundreds of hours of resources for all parties. We thank you all for your support. We are going to need a whole lot more of it in the next several months.

Papago Park Needs your help fighting this worthy battle. Consider donating today.

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Public case documents

The following are documents relating to a complaint filed against the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale relative to misuse of public lands and violation of deed restrictions and U.S. park legislation.

Complaint and Request for Injunction (submitted 12/23/2010, dated 12/28/2020 - 27 pages)

Lease Phoenix to Scottsdale (attached 12/13/2020, with comments - 36 pages, some removed)

Title Documents (attached 12/23/2020, contains deeds, covenants and land patents, 18 pages)

Timeline for Papago Park (attached 12/23/2020, 1500 to 2020AD, 7 pages)

Emails sent to Officials (attached 12/23/2020, partial correspondence, with photos, 63 pages)

Motion for Appointment of Counsel (redacted) - 1/7/2021

Motion for Appointment of Counsel (court response 01-11-21) - 1/11/2021

City of Phoenix - letter to plaintiffs - 1/21/2021

Response to City of Phoenix - Final - 1/27/2021

Motion to Dismiss - Phoenix response - 2/01/2021

Our request to have the court force the US DOI and AZ State Parks to respond to our FOIA request made in Dec 2020 - 2/03/2021

Our response to the City's motion to dismiss - 2/18/2021

Motion for summary judgement - 3/23/2021

Response to Motion - 4/24/2021

Joinder - 4/24/2021

Plaintiff response to defendant's opposition to motion for summary judgement - 5/20/2021

A full release of FOIA Response emails - 7/20/2021

A redacted FOIA email response - 7/20/2021

A response from the United States Department of the Interior - 7/20/2021

A dismissal of key plaintiff claims - 7/20/2021

A court order on a motion to dismiss for Failure to state a claim - 7/20/2021

Order (case management process) - 9/13/2021

Motion for Reconsideration - 9/13/2021

Order on Motion for Reconsideration - 9/13/2021

Planning Meeting (Proposed Case Mgt Plan) - 9/13/2021

Note: these are the Plaintiff's copies of original court documents. The official documents may be found on the US District Court's PACER system (Account required), or on an unofficial site such as: